PigCom Agents Wanted


We are currently looking for sales agents for PigCom worldwide (China, North America, Europe, South America, and Africa).

Our agents and partners enjoy the benefit of substantial commission payments on all software customers signed by the agent. The more users of the software we get, the more money you earn.

You must have some technical or sales background with knowledge of pig production or related experience. Whilst knowledge of the software is required to improve the ability of an agent to market the software, detailed knowledge is not essential in the first instance as training is given from the UK.

We are an established UK company who have a presence in many markets around the world through our Pig Genetics business. The owners of the company have a long track record of delivering great pig software solutions to the industry since the 1980’s having produced the market leading software product for the UK market.

However, everyone likes to deal with local people who understand the language, culture and customs. Because of this, we prefer to work though agents who successfully introduce us to their existing customer base, but we need more of these Entrepreneurs.

Typically, agents for PigCom have an existing role which brings them into contact with pig producers where they can demonstrate the benefit of computerised record keeping, and more specifically, the benefit of the PigCom software. However, this is not essential.

PigCom is already translated into English, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Spanish and German but further translations can easily be added if required to support your local market.

Whilst installation of the software is straightforward, support for installation and use of the software is provided remotely from the UK.

Please contact Data To Decisions if an opportunity of a significant income as an agent is of interest.

English speaking agents are preferred.