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Scripts for PigCom

Applying these scripts will materially change the functionality of PigCom. They are not meant to be run on PigCom software unless specifically directed to do so by D2D.

PigCHAMP Export

In certain situations, PigCom users want to keep a PigCHAMP database synchronised with their PigCom system. There are two options:

  • PigCHAMP 4 DOS system HERE.
  • PigCHAMP Care 3000 system HERE.

SQL Import

When users have multiple PigCom systems using separate data files, they may want to combine the data to utilised consolidated reporting. To do this, they must import each farm in turn using the SQL Import function. This function must be updated inline with the main PigCom program version.

The latest version (1.83) is available HERE.

Version Updating

This script resets PigCom if errors occur during updating. Usually it is necessary to have D2D update your data for you in such circumstances, but sometimes, after troubleshooting by D2D, you can update the system yourself. In these cases, you may need the help of this script.

The version reset script is available HERE.

For more information on running scripts, please visit our Support/frequently asked questions (FAQ) page HERE.