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PigCom Update History

V1.9407/10/2014General UpdatesSystem Information
  • New Admin Utility to limit user access to farms on the system
    • Multiple farms on PigCom database on Terminal Server
    • Each farm manager can be set to see only a single farm on the system
  • Updated the file/path browser to work on 64bit systems
  • Amended the "Run Script" function to log output to assist with checking bespoke amendments
  • Added a weekly report for listing sows/gilts which are overdue for action
Data Entry
  • Added a weight field to Piglet deaths and fostering data entry screens
  • Added the ability to enter underline data on sows for users research project (this facility is generally hidden to most users)
  • Extended the ability to enter partial dates on all data entry screens and most other forms
V1.9309/04/2014General UpdatesSystem Information
  • Added a "date format" field to the langauge selection screen
  • Amended the PigCom remote data storage account details to allow the uploading of user's data after the PigCom website was moved to a new server
  • Added a general report for listing sows due to farrow between historical/future dates
  • Added the ability to search for sows to include in general reports (e.g. Sow history/Sow cards) via a number of advanced factors
Data Entry
  • Added a DNA status field to Breeding Herd animal entry screens
  • Added the ability to enter partial dates on Services/Farrowings/Weanings screens
Data Export
  • Allow data to be exported to Chinese National Swine Improvement Programme
    • Pedigrees
    • Breeding herd Data
V1.9230/10/2013General UpdatesSystem Information
  • Added an “about” form to report details of the license and current data file for PigCom
  • Added a form to report the details of the latest data recorded in each section of PigCom
  • Allow automatic checking for latest version of PigCom (internet)
  • Allow users to transfer up to 3 zipped backups onto PigCom web server for remote data security. Uses a folder in the “uploads” named after the registration code of the PC. Allows a user to copy a link to download the file by a 3rd party.
Data Entry
  • Added a form to allow gilt heats to be recorded and reported
  • Added a form to allow locations to be updated directly without entering another event or editing the animal record
  • Corrected the error which occurred when user entered tags with a “point” '.' at the end of the tag body
  • Added the facility to amend 'hard-coded' limits on data entry (for example the 70kg lower limit on animals entering the breeding herd). User must contact ACMC to arrange limit changes if required.
  • Added a cull sow report:
    • List suggested culls by week of production.
    • Highlights potential prolific animals for those breeding their own replacements
    • Show use of maiden gilt pool given target replacment rate
  • Added the expected service date to list of maiden gilts to serve report
  • Added report to analyse the mortality in the piglets (pre-weaning deaths)
  • Added report to analyse the mortality in the feeders (post-weaning deaths)
  • Added a report to list sows/gilts in the breeding herd by location (Pen cards)
  • Added a report to list sows farrowed / due between two dates
Data Management
  • Amend the export to Excel (csv) functions to allow feed deliveries to be exported too.
  • Added a routine to export the herd data and pedigree data from PigCom into a format that is compatible with JSR Select
  • Make the procedure to link access databases suitable for both SQL2000/SQL2008 on Access 2000/2010 and ensure the correct collation
  • Added additional default search path for Winzip for 64-bit windows to check for 'Program Files (x86)' folder
  • Altered the default name of the back-up file – now using ISO date format to allow sorting on filename and better compatibility with UNICODE windows system (WinZip failed to uncompress non-ascii filenames)
  • Allow for PigCom to work with 7Zip cmdline, 7 Zip Win as well as Winzip. This is set on about form…(Default for existing users is WinZip, new database will be 7Zip cmdline).
Bug Fixes
  • Correct the weight calculations of animal deaths on the Feeding herd batch report. Now using actual weight entered rather than defaulting to the average of the pig type.
  • Correct an issue where editing the date out of a sow and then removing the date out still left the result of the previous service as left herd (if the sow left the herd after service but before farrowing).
  • Amended the procedure used to determine the correct start dates of BH batches for the “Breeding Herd Batch” report.
  • Created function to correctly calculate feed usage within months if using Breeding Herd batches, but reporting on Calendar months
  • Correct reporting on sows during data entry (farrowing/weaning etc.) when the sow does not exist in the herd, but the tag exists historically. Now reports the information from the last sow in the herd, not the earlier ones.
  • Put warning on user interface to explain that you cannot delete the details of sows leaving the herd if the sow has a comment added at departure. Have to delete the comment first and then delete the leaving details.
  • Amended the warning/info of piglet type weights for countries which use ',' instead of '.' for decimal places.
  • Amended the reference to Costs_ALL table on the frm_Costs as incorrectly specified as 'cost_all'
  • Create images stored in database for agency branding
  • Fully compatibility with Office 64 bit installations
    • Allows forward & backward compatibility
    • Not dependent on user having installed 32-bit office (still recommended by Microsoft)
  • Added further text translations for backup & restore functions
  • Amended complete translation of main menu captions and lookups
Data Entry
  • Added Tattoo lookup field for when entering Piglet movements/deaths etc. in breeding herd
  • Added Tattoo lookup field for when entering PigIds in FH movements
  • Added a 'Sows Weaned' to the weekly management report weaning section
  • Added a user defined 'Gestation Length' field to the breeds table. Affects:
    • Sow cards - date due
    • Weekly Reports - Sows due to farrow
    • Data Entry->Services - Date due field
  • Amend layout of the Smithfield Sow Card
  • Provide copy of A4 sow card with larger text
    • Users should contact ACMC to activate this functionality
  • Add location to weekly management reports
    • Sow/Gilt Services
    • Farrowings
    • Sows due to farrow
    • Preg check/vaccinations
    • Weaning
  • Add location to general reports
    • Boar List - Detail
    • Boar List - Genetic
    • Sow Card - A4
    • Sow Card - Detail
    • Sow Card - Genetic
    • Sow Card - Quick
    • Sow History
    • Sow List - By status
    • Sow List - Detail
    • Sow List - Genetic
V1.8730/04/2011Data EntryData Entry
  • Add location to sow records
    • Current location (sows/gilts in)
    • Service location
    • Farrowing location
    • Weaning location
V1.8630/03/2011Data ExportData Export
  • Allow data to be exported to Excel (.csv files)
    • Sows & Boars Pedigrees
    • Animals entering the breeding herd
    • Service Data
    • Farrowing Data
    • Weaning Data
    • Animals leaving the breeding herd
    • Feeding herd movements
V1.8530/01/2011AdministrationAmend update routines to allow better allow for compatibility for SQL 2000 and SQL 2008
V1.8430/11/2010General UpdatesData Entry
  • Fix bug for when using custom batches
  • Remove Return as option on pregnancy check screen during data entry and editing.
V1.8309/11/2010General UpdatesReporting
  • Finalise Batch financial report (Add Physical performance)
  • Correct Summary of external sales on weekly consolidated
  • Allow Pig feed section of Breeding Herd period analysis to report if no piglet (or sow feed) was used
Data Entry
  • Stop allowing changing of sow tag on services screen
  • Suppress a question when removing a 2nd or later service about resetting previous service as "In Pig"
  • Remove Return as option on pregnancy check screen
    • Now only set as returned when actually re-served
    • Cannot filter by "returned" in pregnancy check screen
SQL2008 Compliance
  • Order sow picklist correctly in general reports section
  • Handle currency containing formatting characters (e.g. by default ‘H’ in ‘BHT’ means format as time, not currency so we need to override this)
  • Batch financial report
V1.8111/08/2010ReportingAdditional reports to show Profit/Loss :
  • Average Productive Sows
  • Pigs sold
  • Kg Live Weight Pigs sold
  • Kg Dead Weight Pigs sold
  • Format currency Monthly Feed Use
  • New profit / Loss report
  • Support for Consolidation
V1.7901/07/2010ReportingCreate additional tables and editors for financial recording
  • Lookup editors
    • LKP_BatchCostCategories
    • LKP_CostTypes
  • Tables
    • LKP_CostTypes
    • LKP_BatchCostCategories
    • LKP_PLCostCategories
    • Costs
    • Budgets
  • Batch changes to support budgets and IsNewYear field
V1.7830/06/2010Data EntryNew entry screens to allow costs to be recorded for the following events:
  • Boars In
  • Boars Out
  • Sows In
  • Sows Out
  • Sow Transfer
  • HerdBook Boar
  • HerdBook Sow
  • Movements Piglets/Feeders
  • Treatments (all sections)
V1.7707/06/2010LanguageAmendments to Chinese Language Version
V1.7631/05/2010AdministrationUpdate PigCom from SQL2000 to meet compliance for SQL 2008
  • Amendments to weekly reports and sorting of lookups in user interface
V1.7528/02/2010ReportingImprove Sow Status / By Breed report
  • Additional section to show sows due to farrow by service breed as well as by breed of sow
  • sqldmo.dll not registering, sqldmo.dll reference swapped in new version
  • Testing SQL Import add support for V1.73
  • Check administrator and developer access to SQL Import button
  • collation on export to GEP
  • Replacement Sow Transfer routines - Occasionally multiple matings are added, this script may have been implicated so it has been rewritten
  • Licensing routines amended to allow larger numbers of sows (>9500) to be coded correctly
  • Amended License lives remaining routines which allow users to continue to use PigCom a limited number of times even if they are outside the terms of their License
Data Entry
  • Enable keypreview on Sows In (F5) and Matings forms (End)
Reporting Amendments
  • Service Analysis
    • Sows sold InPig treated as returns on service analysis
    • Now treated as InPig so conception rate is not under reported
  • StockCount
    • Removed restriction on feeding department ordering to allowed totals to appear in correct place when using non-standard feeding herd departments
  • Weekly Reports
    • Weaning calculations on the weekly
    • Weaning section of weekly summary
  • Feeding Herd Batch Report
    • Calculation of Daily Gain on Feeding Herd Batch Report and addition of Daily Gain column to Pigs Out section of this report
  • Analytical Reports
    • Service now groups and filters on service breed, not sow breed
    • Litter analysis now groups and filters on litter breed, not sow breed
    • Service analysis only including records from first service in sections for Length of Lactation and Weaning 1st Service Interval
    • Litter analysis does not expect all services to have a mating record
    • Service analysis does not expect all services to have a mating record
    • Percentages are now shown within grouping level for both service and litter analysis sections
  • New reports
    • Weekly Breeder Deaths and Abortions for Cambodia
    • Weekly Due farrow - by breed for Cambodia
V1.7330/09/2009Data Entry / Sow CardsData Entry
  • Check consistency of monthly reports when using non-standard F/H departments: Monthly Summary, Period Analysis, Batch Report, Herd Movements, Movements Summary, Stock
  • Check entry weight BoarsIn, SowsIn, HerdBookBoars, HerdBookSows are between 70 and 150 for maiden gilts (or 400 for others)
  • Ensure that changing date out or deleting date out record does not allow creation of duplicate tag in herd ( Boars Out, Sows Out ), if a previous/new sow also carries this tag number
  • Restrict entry status to Dry, In Pig or Maiden
  • Create temporary entry tables for feeder movements and stock counts. This speeds the entry form and avoids timeout errors
  • Update MovementIDs table/entry form to work with the new movements screen
  • Set SQL server timeout = 0 for all procedures
  • Reset first service back in pig when second and third services are deleted at the same time
  • Set missing litter weights and Dead Pig weights to zero on imported DBASE data from other systems. Correct historical data is any exists (would otherwsie prevent new A4 sow card working correctly)
  • Handle missing litter weights in sow card reports
  • Add Location to feeder movements entry form for use when recording feeder deaths
  • Improve handling of missing values for new sorting of tag numbers on sow and boar lists
  • Sow card modifications
    • Improve handling of 4 services per parity
    • Replace solid boxing on Smithfield sow card to speed printing
    • Add transponder field to sow cards
    • Add gestation length to sow history section of detail sow card
    • New A4 sow card service details show time since first service not previous service
    • Drop piglet rows 23 and 24 on genetic sow card so 4 services fit on without going overrunning onto next page
  • Weekly Summary report figure for Weaning Age and Lactation are now different if some sows are early weaned. Previous calculation was not accounting for number of piglets weaned
  • Consolidated feeder deaths - set dates on report preview before charts are drawn
  • Monthly stock report - change department order and allow for non-consecutive departments (suppress printing of empty departments)
  • Set department for feeder and productive sow summary rows
V1.7230/07/2009General Updates
  • Adjust user's date on monthly reports section when farm is using custom batches
  • Check consistency of monthly reports when using non-standard F/H departments
  • Change date format on monthly reports to medium date (need day when batches are not calendar months)
  • Numeric sorting of tag numbers on:
    • Sow List
    • Sow List - By Status
    • Sow List - Detail
    • Sow List - Genetic
    • Boar List
    • Boar List - Detail
    • Boar List - Genetic
  • Sow History report now groups by TagNumber and DateIn (previously duplicate sow tag numbers were combined into one report group)
  • Wrong sow status message - Previously searching all sows if Not In List and showing status of the first matching sow it came across, now just checks sows currently in herd first, then checks all sows after, if sow is not currently in herd.
  • Update Monthly Consolidated Stock report for better handling of non-standard F/H departments
  • Changed text "Check Fostering" to "Litter Accounting" on Farms screen and Changed validation:
    • Litters either checks all or nothing (Born+Foster On-Foster Off - Dead = Weaned)
  • Amended sow status checking on Fostering form
  • Added Reset license button on utilities menu
  • Added error checking to all sub routines and functions in Weekly Summary report to improve stability of report
  • Recreated forms Feed Deliveries, Sows In, Boar Matings to improve stability reported by individual users
  • Monthly reports no longer require a Breeding Herd department to seed them
V1.7128/02/2009General Updates
  • New A4 Sowcard showing:
    • Sow Details
    • Sow History
    • Piglet Death Analysis
    • Sow Treatment Histroy
  • Monthly stock report can now account for animals transferred from any department into the breeding herd
V1.7031/01/2009General UpdatesSupport for sow transponder added on data entry Screen (Sows/Gilts In)
V1.6931/12/2008General UpdatesAmended date based validation routines to better handle issues with date and date formats in non-UK formats
  • Service Returns
  • Duplicate Services
  • Herd Entry Validation
  • Herd Movement Date validation
  • Piglet Death Date Validation
  • Stock Count Date Validation
  • Reporting dates
V1.6831/12/2008LanguageInstall Chinese Translation Text
V1.6731/12/2008General Updates
  • Addressed herd start-up issue with graph alignment for litters and services on weekly summary report
  • Sort order of Sows on returns editor sorted by TagNumber, DateIn (descending) to ensure that the most recent sow is selected by default
  • Ensure that correct service breed is reported when two sires with different breeds are used in the same mating
  • Individual boar tags are now shown for mixed boar services on Sow History and Sow Cards
  • Ensure that date of birth is less than arrival date on Sows In, Boars In and Herd book editors
  • Issues with characters in short date format in non-UK settings
  • User interface distinguishes between user license expiring and version license expiring
  • Expiry date on PigCom user interface set to version date + 18 months
  • SQL Farm import routine updated to version 1.68
  • Setting local currency for the database
  • Switched licensing to use Unicode functions (requires users to relicense after update applied)
V1.6731/12/2008Data ExportPigChamp Export
  • User can now choose a date range to export from
  • Foster information is now exported too

GEP Export
  • Maximum boar tattoo length increased to 14 characters
  • Services/Litters to unknown boars (boars not on GEP already) are now excluded from the export
  • Export errors are now grouped by Farm
  • A separate progress report is generated for each users (in case two users are exporting at the same time)
  • Export procedure now provides feedback to the user interface and presents the user with a progress report should the export fail at some point
  • Data can now be exported from a chosen date and error reports can be set to either the same (default) or a different date
  • Current farm not presented on error reports since the data exported will have come from several farms